Waniac Slovenian wine advent Calendar

Since 2016, Waniac has worked to select exceptional winemakers across Slovenia to creatively present their wines. Our mission is to help end consumers to develop curiosity and education through blind testings. Moreover, make it a play, after all – life should be more playful. On the other hand, we help winemakers develop their network and match them up with excellent distributors who will help tell their stories and promote the wines with the highest level of passion and professionalism.  

Our principal interest is finding exceptional producers who make wines with energy, purity, and balance. We look for wines that have some indefinable quality that makes them stand apart from the rest, go well with food, are easy to drink and represent this amazing small part of Europe called Slovenia. Slovenia is indisputably the most divergent wine country in the world, with its diversity of three main wine regions, marked by three climate regions and nine different terroirs. Slovenia is a small country with the unique wine region in Europe.

In addition to selecting great wines, we also put forward the importance of quality human interaction. So being from design, marketing and communication fields of business, we came up with this excellent idea of an advent calendar that would connect you with your loved ones even more.